Our classes cater for every level, and each session is different. Our trainers are there to help you through your session with personalized pointers and extra motivation. Our very own brand of training has become renown in the the industry for our unique way of getting the best out of our members. Come and find out why and how with a free 2 week trial.

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BODY FIT- 45-90min: Functional Cross Training: Experience our signature training session that is NEVER the same! Each session has its own unique theme or focus and covers a broad range of benefits utilising functional training exercises. We have built a reputation for our training sessions that other fitness clubs talk about; our secret is for you to experience.

CARDIO GLUTES CORE-50min: A blend of Glute training, Cardio and Core and Ab challenges, perfect for runners or anyone wanting better Core strength and stronger Glutes.

S.A.S-STRENGTH & SCULPT 50min: An action-packed weight training session utilising various weight training principles such as super sets, drop sets, pyramid training etc, it is the perfect workout for building lean muscle and strength whilst sculpting your body.

MET-CON: A training principle that creates an Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) –Cardio bouts with Intervals of Resistance training utilising Dumbbells and Body weight.

PARA H.I.I.T 45min: Interval training utilizing various principles such as TABATA, EMOMS, and Intervals.

MOGA: A fusion of Mobility and Yoga moves to create a non-stop flow of movement to improve flexibility, mobility and strength.The perfect compliment to anyones training regime and great for those that love Yoga without the meditation and incense ??

CARDIO / MOGA: Combining shorter blocks of Cardio with 5-10 minute blocks of mobility training. A great session that allow the participant to work hard, medium or easy on the Cardio.